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Adding value to your fleet by mitigating risk, increasing profitability, and improving credibility.

Corporate Engagement Process

No off the shelf options here. Century’s fleet loss mitigation and safety programs work alongside your business to create customized educational programs that fit within your needs and budget. We work with fleets and individual drivers to diagnose underlying behavioral issues using our Driver Competency Assessment (DCA). The results of the assessment give our consultants the necessary information to tailor the program specifically to each driver. Additionally, the consultants can address the strengths and weaknesses of the fleet as a whole.  With our predetermined routes, standardized grading format, and objective platform, we can compile quantifiable data that will determine our next move. Give us a call today and see how we could benefit your business. 

What You Can Expect

  • Assess

    Our process begins with a consultation with key stakeholders from your team where we'll discuss, observe, and compile your teams needs and desired engagement outcomes. 

  • Strategize

    Once we've gained an understanding of your business' strengths, needs, and aspirations we will work to distill our learnings into a strategic road map aimed at helping you meet your business objectives.

  • Implement

    Once the road map is in place, our consultants will work with your team to bring it to life.


  • Pre-Hire Assessment

    Ensure drivers meet the standards of your organization prior to hiring. This 1 hour, on-road, in-vehicle driving assessment given by a certified assessor, will objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of prospective drivers.

  • License Certification

    Century is authorized to administer road tests and grant Commercial Drivers License's to qualified drivers in the state of Michigan.

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Corporate Case Studies

  • Law Enforcement: K-9 Unit Officer

    Century administered a Driver Competency Assessment for a police force in Michigan. For many of the officers Century was able to identify problem areas and prescribe action plans for remediation.



  • Police Academy Curriculum Review

    Identify the level of risk associated iwth the cadet in regards to their driving once they graduate from the academy.


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  • Pre-hire Assessment

    One of the corporate clients recently approached Century Driving Group about facilitating an assessment for one of their pre-hire canidates.

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